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This method is based on playing sounds to deter birds from approaching and stopping to congregate. BIRDS AUDIO DETERRENTS The sound deterrents are special devices capable of reproducing the calls of birds of prey as well as the cries of alarm of their quarry. The sounds deter birds from approaching and congregating and are enough… Leggi tutto »


They are effective, discreet, and do not alter the appearance of the building as they are virtually unnoticeable. These mechanical deterrents and bird scarers are effective and discreet and do not alter the fabric of where they are installed. Single (or double) spikes are mounted onto polycarbonate or stainless steel rods. These spikes, steel or… Leggi tutto »


“The anti-intrusion nets are anchored firmly overthe area to be protected, preventing any bird gaining access”. The nets are made of PVC, very light in colour and camouflaged to match the environment in which they are installed. They are fixed to the support by means of dowels and the tension is maintained by the action… Leggi tutto »

The main types of Doves and Pigeons

The main types of Doves and Pigeons We used to simply call them pigeons or doves, depending on local customs, but each species has its own characteristicsPigeon, Columba Livia This is a type of Columbide, is fairly widespread and includes numerous types of pigeon (domestic and wild). They are descended from semi-wild pigeons and are… Leggi tutto »


An effective system that does not harm in any way the health of the birds. This technique is a very useful and safe method that provides the ability to deter the remaining birds. ELECTRICAL BIRDS DETERRENTS Electrical deterrents are just one of the ways that Project & Service deals with the problem of birds. It… Leggi tutto »