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The ultimate solution in the fight against wood parasites, and 100% guaranteed to be effective.  By heating the wood, the parasites die of hyperthermia. The method destroys all types of wood parasite and is effective at any stage in their lifecycle (egg, larva or adult) and also acts on fungi and bacteria. ADVANTAGES OF USING… Leggi tutto »

Project & Service

Woodworm treatments and bird deterrents – Project & Service – Twenty years experience in pest control interventions as well as considerable skill in the field of bird control and removal and anti-woodworm treatments. Project & Service is the ideal solution to these problems, thanks to environmentally friendly methods and our certification.” Woodworm treatments and bird… Leggi tutto »


They are insects that feed on wood but do not attack humans.  However, when wood mites and Scleroderma cannot find enough host insects they can attack humans and cause swelling and allergic reactions.     THE WOODWORM Imagine waking up to find your body covered in painful and itchy red spots and weals: those responsible… Leggi tutto »


The ideal solution for fixed wooden structures and those too difficult to move such as floors, doors, window frames …   From the earliest times to the present, man has always been served by wood, prized for its numerous qualities such as plasticity, strength and warmth. However, due to its organic nature, wood is unfortunately… Leggi tutto »